Jan. 12th, 2010

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Yes, I'm on Facebook along with every other netizen on the planet, and I play some of the games on there, including Viking Clan and Fairlyland. Something I've noticed is that Heathens who have an idea on what Heathenry 'should' be end up gravitating toward a Facebook game that reflects their view of the world. Granted, many people simply play the games and enjoy them for what they're worth. But when you know someone who thinks a particular way and is vocal about it, it's not surprising that they'll be where they feel most comfortable.

So, how are Heathens 'supposed' to be? Let's take a look.

Viking Clan lets you be a stereotypical character where you go on battles and adventures, gather chieftains, build alliances, coordinate attacks, get berserk boosts, gain money, land, and weapons. It is fitting for Heathens who see the religion as a community activity, along with oaths, mead, boasts, mead, challenges to holmgang, mead, booze, hooch, more mead, roaring to the sky, telling others they're doin' it wrong (TM), beer, and more mead. RRRRRROOOOOOWWWWRRRRR!!!!! ;)

Fairlyland lets you have an elf or fairy in a small garden, where you grow different kinds of plants to gain skill and attract various kinds of wildlife, including mythological creatures. It sounds tame almost to the point of boredom, except that people can help each other out, help water each others' gardens, spot wildlife, grow herbs, work on herbalism and alchemy, play a mushroom game, etc. It involves more planning and strategy as your skill level progresses. It appeals to those who like gardens, plants, animals, elves, fairies, herbalism, magical witchy stuff, friendly neighbors, quiet gentle progress at one's home, and the sense of wonder we all had as a kid.

The difference between the two worldviews also parallels differences between Aesir and Vanir. There is strength in alliance, personal challenge, and conquest. And there is strength in patience, protection, and compassion. There are outward successes that we publicly celebrate, and there are successes most deeply felt at home. It's interesting to see how these views show up in some of the most popular games on the largest online social network.


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