Sep. 20th, 2010

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In a recent discussion, it occurred to me that many pagan paths with balanced worldviews have gods with light and dark sides. This is something that has its opposite in modern Christianity--you have very clear, obvious, and stereotypical light and dark sides, where one side doesn't really have the features of the other. Within European pantheons, many gods have light and dark sides. Within the Germanic paradigm, it appears that all of the Vanic gods have light and dark sides. However, there are Heathens who treat the Aesir only as light gods, regardless of their behavior, and all giants/etins as dark gods, regardless of their behavior.

Some examples of the two sides of the Vanic gods are:
Ingui-Frey: Fertility, peace, prosperity, stable relationships...but also a dangerous killer, via sword, antler, or bare hands.
Freya: Sensuality, magic, fertility...and a scary battle goddess.
Nerthus: Mother Earth, with all that it brings...and a receiver of human sacrifices.
Wuldor: Bright, wise, skilled...and a relentless hunter that will insure one's doom.

There are some who treat Odin as Jehovah and Loki as Satan, but Germanic paganism isn't part of Judeo-Christian thought and practice. It may be a convenient substitution for converts from Christianity, but it isn't really authentic or historical. And if one considers death to be part of the cycle of life, then the 'dark' traits of gods are part of a balanced whole.


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