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In doing some research on dance, an interesting question occurred. In Heathenry, what god is associated with or represents dance? It's a bit strange that, although dancing at feasts and celebrations is common, we never really hear about a god involved in dancing, or influencing dancing, or anything similar. So as UPG, a couple of ideas come to mind. Most gods don't seem to be the dancing type, so that makes this more difficult to figure out. It could be said that Thor is a happy god that welcomes celebrations with drinking and feasting, and perhaps simple dancing out of joy could be part of that. But what about more graceful, skilled dancing? The elves come to mind, and it would be hard to argue with the association elves have with elegant dancing. If one looks to the lord of the elves (Frey), something interesting emerges. As a warrior, he represents skill more than fury. As a god of fertility, He makes many things in the world come to life in Spring. In sensuality, He represents healthy masculinity and virility. And as lord of the elves, He reflects their qualities.

But there's more. Not only would one consider dance to be something that Frey does, but the style would be influenced as well. We see Him being associated with stags and referred to sometimes as the Horned God, and there is the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance. Although it is a simple matter to wear horns and dance, it would seem to be a substitute for a dance that mimics the movements of a stag. And if one thinks about what kind of movements would be used by elves, it would make sense that there would be that resemblance.
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