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In an age when sexual TMI is becoming a bit too common, it's refreshing to see people who understand the difference in public and private behaviour. Yesterday, I was looking at the entertainment section of the Los Angeles Times while taking a break from work. Normally I don't read the LA Times because the 'news' stories in there are usually just over-the-top leftist spin and hand-wringing, but sometimes there's some interesting stuff there. Apparently Newsweek is even more ideologically driven than the LA Times, as one of their columnists was upset that a gay man by the name of Sean Hayes plays the role of a straight man in 'Promises, Promises'. To Sean's credit, he simply does a great job acting in the role, praises his female co-star for her acting skill, and won't discuss the issue further in public. The issue came up again recently because Sean hosts the Tony awards, and ZOMG he's still a gay guy playing the role of a straight guy in his current gig. The columnist also complains about Jonathan Groff in 'Glee' for the same reason and OMG WTF another gay guy playing the role of a straight one.

These writers need to get a frickin' life...seriously. Whether someone is out of the closet but doesn't make a big deal out of it like Al Rantel (a gay conservative who was on KABC), or someone likely a closeted gay like Johnny Weir (the figure skater) who refuses to talk about his sex life in public, I respect guys who choose to behave like gentlemen, especially if they're under public pressure to talk about private stuff. And yes, I include straight guys who won't blurt out last night's TMI with their squeeze. If we want porn, there's already plenty of it on the internet ('cuz it was made for porn, you see...), we don't need it to permeate everyone's conversation, especially with public speeches.

So here's to guys with class, gay or otherwise. Let us hope for more of them in the future.
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