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Hi, all. It's me, the same Eosin from LJ. LJ admins have made several bad decisions about the site, so I've migrated here to Dreamwidth.

I'm still Anglo-Saxon and relate to the Germanic gods. I'm still running my local sword group, with particular emphasis on historical wrestling techniques. I'm a member of AODA and working through the curriculum, as I see it as complementary to the Heathen side of Anglo-Saxon practice. When the island was conquered, the Angles and Saxons didn't slay everyone (except for in a few areas); they had massive intermarriage with the locals, and the fused culture is as much who they were as much as the particular form of language that came to be spoken across the land. The Saxons historically worshiped in natural settings, and this reverence for nature is something that too many people--and too many pagans and Heathens in particular--tend to forget.

Politics? I'm a conservative-leaning independent. I tire of the dishonesty and backstabbing of Big Names and Big Parties. I evaluate each issue on its merits. And if I'm presented with a very persuasive and well-founded policy argument, it's possible that I'll change my mind on that issue (it's happened before). But most mass-media talking points bore me, as they are usually weak or incomplete, and often deliberately dishonest. I have more respect for cranky people who are up front about about who they are and what they believe (even if I disagree with them completely) than I do for slick empty suits that have no morals. And I vote according to each issue.

I have a variety of other interests as well, though I'm more likely to post about them occasionally.
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