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Name:The Pedantic Swordsman
Birthdate:Nov 2
Location:Orange County, California, United States of America
Website:The Pedantic Swordsman
I'm one of the many who came over from LJ; I'm there by the same username.

About me: I'm an Anglo-Saxon Heathen, leaning that way all my life, formally identified as such in 1998; I'm also interested in exploring my Pennsylvania Dutch heritage. My primary Gods are Frey, Freya, and Wuldor, and I'm interested in elf lore. I also run a study group for European martial arts in Orange County, California. I have two cats, and enjoy history, birding, the outdoors, running, and crafting. I'm also a fan of LOST :)

If the above interests you, and you're not into Internet drama, feel free to say hi.

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Interests (125):

80s nostalgia, ancient cultures, ancient order of druids in america, ancient religions, anglo-saxon paganism, animism, aoda, arma, awen, ballet, being an autodidact, bio-regionalism, birding, britain, cats, ceremonial magick, chaos magick, comparative mythology, computers, conservation, constructed languages, crafts, cultus of the vanir, dance, dancing, david the gnome, deitsch, devotional polytheism, dies the fire, divination, druidry, druids, earth mysteries, ecosystems, elf lore, elves, english heritage, esperanto, faeries, fishing, folklore, forests, frey, freyja, furbabies, geeking out, german longsword, gnomes, gwynn ap nudd, gymnastics, harry potter, history, horses, hunting, independent media, independent politics, intj, it, justice, kitties, knives, lady gaga, land spirits, languages, law, learning, lost, magic, marathons, muppets, music, my cat, my girlfriend, nature, nature spirituality, nature walks, nine inch nails, old english, old tech, paganism, parkour, pennsylvania dutch, permaculture, personal gnosis, polytheism, pre-history, primitive living skills, quenya, reading, research, revival druidry, runes, running, sacred geometry, sacred space, sewing, squishy polytheism, star trek ds9, star trek tng, star trek tos, stone circles, sustainability, swords, swordsmanship, syncretism, techno, theology, thinking for myself, thinking outside the box, tolkien, trees, triathlons, ullr, urglaawe, vanatru, vanic geeks, vanic paganism, vanic tradition, vanir, waincraft, wenan, wildlife, witchcraft, wrestling, wuldor
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